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Purpose of our laboratories

Global energy demand is growing increasingly, especially in developing countries. At the same time, we have to minimize the global-scale environmental disruption as typified by global warming for sustainable growth. Solving this problem, research and development of renewable energy utilization, such as solar energy and hydrogen energy, are moving forward. Our laboratories study to solve this problem by two major research topics. One is “high efficiency usage of thermal energy by thermal radiation control” and the other is “development of energy conversion devices for renewable energy resources base on solid state ionics and various mechanics”.

For students who want to study our laboratories

We accept foreigners as graduate curse students via IMAC-G program.

detail is here. Now, we have three foreigners from Thailand, and Brazil.

For students who want to work in our internship program

Graduate school of engineering joins “The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)”, and we accept students via this program. So, please contact IAESTE office in your countries.In this summer, we hosted one student from Germany.


2014.10.23 Research results entitled as "Compatibility and performance of La0.675Sr0.325Sc0.99Al0.01O3 perovskite-type oxide as an electrolyte material for SOFCs" is publised in Elecrochemistry. Fulltext is here.
2014.10.23 Research results entitled as "Influence of atomic oxygen irradiation during deposition on crystallization of post-annealed barium zirconate thin films" is publised in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Fulltext is here.


Hiroo Yugami
Hiroo YUGAMI Professor
Research Info. is here
Fumitada Iguchi
Fumitada IGUCHI Aossiciate Professor
Research Info. is here
Makoto Shimizu
Makoto SHIMIZU Assistant Prodessor
Research Info. is here
Asaka Kohiyama
Asaka KOHIYAMA Ph.D student
Shinichiro TSUDA
Shinichiro TSUDA Ph.D student
Others Master students 8
Bachelor students (3rd,4th) 8
Exchange student 4


Aoba 6-6-01, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8579, Japan
Room 218, 2nd floor of Research Building No.1-M.E. in Aobayama East Campus.
Detail is here.
E-mail Neece at energy.mech.tohoku.ac.jp (Please change " at " to @)